YEAR 1975

In another realm, Robert regained consciousness while inside of an old lab. Robert walked around to figure out where he was and what year he traveled back to. Robert exited the lab and entered the hallway. There were a lot of plaques and awards for advancements of networks and other technologies that lined the hallway. A younger male interrupted Robert and said: "Professor Kirk, we have been looking everywhere for you! We have to hurry up and finalize our plans for our next proposal." This young man named Johnathan was Professor Kirk's top graduate assistant which was Robert's job for Professor Wydler. Robert followed Johnathan into Professor Kirk's office. Robert thought maybe he should find a way back to the lab to find his time machine, but by then, he was already in the character of Professor Kirk. Professor Kirk was one of the leading scientists on the board that proposed the creation of ARPANET. Once Robert gained all this information and knew where his time machines were, Robert decided to stay. Robert pretended to be Professor Kirk and lead several meetings about the implementation of ARPANET. The other scientists on the board were all for making ARPANET for the sole purpose of being a network where members of academia can share their research. Robert was from the future and decided to change things a bit. Professor Kirk was the most influential scientist on the board, and his opinion was the final say. Robert pretending to be Professor Kirk, change the purpose of ARPANET to a network for social interaction. He also insisted on providing anyone with their own personal computer system. The entire lab grew silent, and a look of confusion draped over everyone's faces. But Professor Kirk was the smartest scientist, inventor, and professor any of them ever knew. Therefore, they changed the plans for ARPANET, and this change was massive. The ARPANET we knew was then transformed into ASPANET. Which stands for Advanced Social Project Agency Network.

Robert was enjoying the new life that he made from himself. Systems such as BBS, Minitels, or even teletypes were either things of the past of things that ASPANET’s new evolution just skipped over. Robert designed futuristic personal computers that were physically smaller than the palm of your hand but can turn into large desktops, laptops, or even smart phones. No one started their day without logging online. During the 1970s, there use to be a lot of racial tensions going on. Robert saw how the creation of ARPANET lead to a tremendous sense of community. Conversations about race, class, and gender were on a fast track. ASPANET connected people in a way in which that defied race, class, and even gender. This new social world was evolving quicker than the world we know today. For example, women receive equal pay by the mid 1970s. All of this was made possible by simply giving people a voice and allowing them to discuss their concerns. This yielded more change in a year than it had in decades. Robert enjoyed his life because people viewed him as a prophet. He knew what was going to happen before it happened. Americans started to call America "The utopian melting pot." Everything was great in the world until Robert began receiving too much attention to his prophecies and how everything was "too perfect."

It had been about four years since Robert warped back in time. Professor Wylder and his team were ridiculed by the scientific community of 3005. Professor Wydler sent another one of his students to find Robert but by the time someone came looking for Robert he was in a different year.Student after student were sent on an impossible mission. Meanwhile, back in 1975, Robert started to see the negative impacts of the utopia he created. Social media grew too powerful. The times were changing too quickly. Soon as one social media site popped up and another one eventually replaced that one or was even worse.The desire for more speed and bandwidth grow quicker and quicker. The government could not process legislation quick enough to support the desire for more speed and bandwidth. Citizen began to grow tired of the slow democratic system. Eventually, Youtubers, celebrities, and famous users on Instagram,began ruling America in 1975. U.S President, Gerald Ford was impeached for not having enough followers. He was then replaced by a middle school girl that made ASMR videos on Youtube. The world was in utter chaos. During a meeting, the real Professor Kirk returned and outted Robert as been an imposture. A mob lead by Professor Kirk began chasing Robert down the hallway. Robert go back in his time machine but Professor Kirk jumped in at the last second before the time machine took off.


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