Year 3005

In April of 3005, Professor Wydler and his team were going to receive an award for creating the first time machine. In order to receive the award, someone had to go back in time and return to the present, year of 3005, unscathed. Professor Wydler selfishly made it clear that he knew about the project; therefore, his survival was essential.One student named Robert decided to sacrifice himself in the name of science. Robert decided to go back in time to when ARPANET was just a mere thought. Professor Wydler placed electrodes on both sides of Robert's temples. Robert felt the weight of a lot of wires and cords weighing him down. As Robert hastily walked into the time machine capsule, another student slowly closed the door behind him. Professor Wylder was standing in front of a large table with an array of switches, colorful and flashing buttons, and one large lever. Professor Wydler asked one of the students to start the countdown. He slowly began to pull down the lever until the countdown reaches "one." Immediately bright lights start flashing, and the time machine started to make a whirring sound. After about thirty seconds, the time machine stopped. The professor and his student all rushed over to the time machine, and Robert was gone.

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It had been five years since Robert left. Professor Wydler was crying at the large table with an array of switches and buttons. Professor Wydler lost all of his credibility amongst his peers so he just stayed in that lab crying. Until, one of the larger buttons was flashing bright red which signified an emergency signal was being sent from the time machine. Professor Wydler stopped crying and immediately called in to the time machine and he heard Robert’s voice. Professor Wydler pulled the switch and Robert was transported back to the future. Robert did not recognize the lab or Professor Wydler. Both the lab and the professor looked unkempt and disheveled. The reunion between the two men was cut short when the real Professor Kirk emerged from the time machine. It was uncanny how similar Robert and Professor Kirk looked like each other. Robert said he needed help fixing the past. Once Robert explained what had happened, both of the professors were furious with Robert. The three men had to figure out a way to clean up the mess Robert made. Professor Kirk and Professor Wydler began brainstorming. Professor Kirk started writing out a long quantum physics mathematical equation on an old green chalkboard. Professor Wydler used his artificial intelligence to map out all potential problems. All of them had to act fast because the new past was quickly approaching their year which would erase them forever. A mixture between old school and new school technology saved the day. Professor Kirk returned back to his year, while Professor Wydler and Robert received an award for saving the world. 1975